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What is a superfood?

Superfoods are nutrient-dense foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other health-promoting compounds. These foods are believed to offer a range of benefits for overall well-being and are often associated with properties such as anti-aging, enhanced cognitive function, and metabolism support. In the context of Kickstarter Coffee, our unique blend includes 13 superfoods, carefully chosen to provide a powerful combination of flavor and wellness benefits. These superfoods contribute to the rich mocha flavor and offer anti-aging properties, brain-boosting compounds, and a metabolism boost, making each cup a delightful and health-conscious choice to kickstart your day.

How many servings are in a bag?

Each package of Kickstarter Mocha Superfood Coffee contains 10.6 ounces (300 grams) of our high-quality coffee blend. With this size, you'll enjoy 30 servings, making it a convenient and value-packed choice for incorporating our rich and super-powered mocha-flavored coffee into your daily wellness routine.

What does it taste like?

Kickstarter Mocha Superfood Coffee boasts a rich and smooth mocha flavor that is sure to satisfy coffee enthusiasts. The combination of carefully selected superfoods creates a delightful taste experience, balancing the boldness of coffee with the indulgent notes of chocolate. Whether enjoyed black or with your favorite creamer, our coffee offers a delicious and satisfying cup that elevates your taste buds while providing the benefits of 13 powerful superfoods.

How do you prepare it?

Add one scoop of Kickstarter Coffee to 6-12 oz of hot water (adjust for preferred strength). Mix in the creamer of your choice. Sweeten to taste, if desired. For an iced version, mix one scoop of Kickstarter Coffee with a small amount of hot water, then pour the mixture over ice. Add creamer, milk, or sweetener of your choice for a refreshing cold brew experience. Stir it into a glass of water or use our frother to make it extra foamy and frothy!

Can you use cream with it?

Absolutely! Kickstarter Mocha Superfood Coffee is versatile and pairs well with various additions, including cream. Whether you prefer dairy or non-dairy options, adding cream can enhance the richness and creaminess of your coffee, creating a delightful and personalized experience.

Is there an affiliate program?
Yes, we have an affiliate program for Kickstarter Mocha Superfood Coffee! You can join our Brew Crew and earn a commission on each successful referral. To get started, simply sign up on our affiliate program platform here.
Is there caffeine in it?
Kickstarter Mocha Superfood Coffee naturally contains caffeine. This moderate caffeine content is designed to provide a natural energy boost without overwhelming your system.